since 1859

Oxbow Estate Rum

False River Spiced Rum

False River Spiced Rum


Small Batch White Rum

90 Proof | Full-bodied character with notes of tropical fruit rounded out with smoky molasses.

Made from 100% high-grade sugarcane molasses, this fine sipping rum embodies the essence of Louisiana’s sugarcane harvest. Unaged, unfiltered, and distilled in small batches for uncompromising character and a smoky finish.

Try it: Over ice, hand-shaken daiquiri, mojito, rum punch.


Barrel Aged Straight Rum

95 Proof | Charred American oak shines with hints of plum, chocolate and vanilla.

Aged in new American oak barrels, this rum is distilled from high grade molasses and matured for over two years. The dark color and depth of flavor comes from the oak, as no artificial sweeteners or color are added. This unfiltered straight rum is smooth, bold and complex.

Try it: Straight, over ice, Old Fashioneds and Manhattans.


Rhum Louisiane Cane Juice Agricole

90 Proof | Bright and vegetal with strong cane juice notes and rich delta terroir.

Every fall, our estate grown sugarcane is harvested for this rare Agricole style rum. The fresh-pressed cane juice is fermented within hours of harvest before we pot distill in small batches. With no sweeteners or additives, this special rum is the truest expression of our rich terroir. Experience the bright, smooth vegetal taste of sugarcane in every sip.

Try it: Straight, over ice, daiquiris, mojitos, Ti’ Punch, Caipirinha.


False River Spiced Rum

92 Proof | Small Batch Spiced Rum like you've never tasted.

In 1722, a sharp bend in the winding Mississippi River was cut off by seasonal flooding, leaving behind a long, curved lake - the False River. The waterway serves as a reminder of a bygone era and a landmark for the people of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana. False River Spiced Rum is distilled from sugarcane grown on those old riverbanks, then blended with a proprietary recipe of natural botanicals, with hints of citrus and vanilla. Best enjoyed slowly, over ice, or in a cocktail.


Three Roll Estate White Rum

With a light body and full flavor, we bottle our Three Roll Estate White Rum as it leaves the still, untouched by oak and unaltered by age.

Taste: molasses, hints of tropical fruit
Mouthfeel: smooth
Finish: light, crisp
Appearance: crystal


Three Roll Estate Dark Rum

Three Roll Estate Dark Rum is distilled from our own all-molasses fermentation, rested in French oak vats, pulled in small batches, and finished in American oak.

Taste: molasses, spicy oak, butterscotch, fig, caramel, blackberry
Mouthfeel: candied, luxurious
Finish: silky, smooth
Appearance: deep amber


Three Roll Estate Spiced Rum

The infusion of Alma’s rich terroir with a subtle medley of botanicals, including hints of bitter orange and vanilla.

Taste: bitter orange, baking spices
Mouthfeel: silky, velvety
Finish: long, smooth
Appearance: rich amber


Three Roll Estate Red Stick Cinnamon Rum

Named for our hometown of Baton Rouge, Red Stick cinnamon rum marries our single estate Louisiana spirit with the deep, subtle flavor of canela bark

Taste: true cinnamon
Mouthfeel: smooth
Finish: spicy, fresh
Appearance: cloudy gold