Since 1859, our family estate has raised sugarcane on the banks of an ancient Mississippi River oxbow in Pointe Coupée, Louisiana. This sharp bend in the river has made for fertile land, sweet sugarcane and enchanting rum. Generations have farmed this land. This estate rum is a tribute to them.

Made from 100% Grade A sugarcane molasses, these fine sipping rums embody the essence of Louisiana’s sugarcane harvest. Unfiltered and distilled in small batches, Oxbow Rum has no sweeteners or additives. Experience the bright, smooth taste of sugarcane in every sip.

Oxbow estate Rum


Our Distillery

Every drop of Oxbow Estate Rum is made from scratch. We farm, mill, and distill each batch ourselves to ensure every sip embodies the essence of Louisiana’s finest sugarcane.

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A graphic in the shape of the state of Louisiana with the text "Single Estate Sugarcane, Since 1859" on top of it.
A large gathering of barrels of rum.


"I grew up in these sugarcane fields. Our rum tastes like home."

- Olivia Stewart

President, Oxbow Rum Distillery

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