These fine sipping rums embody the essence of Louisiana sugarcane. We use two incredibly rare and coveted ingredients: fresh-pressed cane juice and Grade A molasses. Unfiltered and distilled in small batches, Oxbow Estate Rum has no sweeteners or additives. Experience the bright, smooth taste of local sugarcane in every sip.

Small Batch White Rum



Full-bodied character with notes of tropical fruit rounded out with smoky molasses.

Made from 100% high-grade sugarcane molasses, this fine sipping rum embodies the essence of Louisiana’s sugarcane harvest. Unaged, unfiltered, and distilled in small batches for uncompromising character and a smoky finish.

Try it: Over ice, hand-shaken daiquiri, mojito, rum punch.

Barrel Aged Straight Rum



Charred American oak shines with hints of plum, chocolate and vanilla.

Aged in new American oak barrels, this rum is distilled from high grade molasses and matured for over two years. The dark color and depth of flavor comes from the oak, as no artificial sweeteners or color are added. This unfiltered straight rum is smooth, bold and complex.

Try it: Straight, over ice, Old Fashioneds and Manhattans.

Rhum Louisiane
Cane Juice Agricole



Bright and vegetal with strong cane juice notes and rich delta terroir.

Every fall, our estate grown sugarcane is harvested for this rare Agricole style rum. The fresh-pressed cane juice is fermented within hours of harvest before we pot distill in small batches. With no sweeteners or additives, this special rum is the truest expression of our rich terroir. Experience the bright, smooth vegetal taste of sugarcane in every sip.

Try it: Straight, over ice, daiquiris, mojitos, Ti’ Punch, Caipirinha.

Taste the difference.